Remarkable congregation

Large number of participants(today)

UU is filled with good, welcoming people

Proud of what has been accomplished

UU known and respected in the greater community

Unique organization and great people

Appreciation to the creation of this community

Division creates anxiety

Unity creates expansiveness

Negative feelings between some leaders and some members

Concerns about communication

As a new member, discord is felt and heard

Shocked by discord


Community interaction structure

Regular scheduled gatherings (like this one)

Want more Fellowship wide meetings

Lack of opportunity to build authentic connections within the UUFM community on a more intimate level

More activities that bring people together

All events needs to be posted in one location - webpage

Are we hearing from quiet members?

Disconnect between members and board and/or governance


Listen to stories, life experiences of older members


Need board and minister to survey community and lead the community in creating desired groups

More willingness to be part of simplified services, once a month potluck where committees meet and others may sit in

Need leadership that is listening and honoring and actively seeking out input from community

Need to know what groups specifically do

Concern about looking at previous meeting minutes

Need for more transparency

Need for solutions for communication

Define communication and decision making processes

How do we choose social justice issue?

Need to know what is happening with UU

Emails are linked to webpage and copied to webmaster

Concern about trying to understand contract length and communication regarding the contract

First or third Sunday committees share to the fellowship

Concern about communication and honesty. A lot of misleading information. Need to be respected (Tracy)


What we do

More focus on social justice

Need to revisit vision statement

Focus on animal social justice issues

Growth is a goal

We all may not want to grow

Lack of spirit and connection at church, more ritual in ceremony

Need  this community to grow - it all comes out of Sunday

We do not have a mission statement

Lack of community service focus as a fellowship


RE + Families

UUFM is welcoming to families

Prioritize the RE program

Working with TAU kids and activities with families brings positive energy

        - Desire to have more people involved (with these activities)

Young families bring joy

Kids are excited about church

RE is important

Keep RE program strong

More spiritual connection for children and self

Joyful when children are joyful

Need to deepen our spiritual paths - adult RE


Fellowship Structure

Need committee to help us grow

Concern that UU is not sustainable


Short-term and long-term planning

Consensus model needs to be added to procedures and bylaws

Being on the board is a big commitment; more volunteers are needed

Define communication and decision making processes(also under communication)

We have a minister who helps our spirituality and our church and development

Concern about trying to understand contract length and communication regarding(also under communication)



W-4s and W-9s (get them in to Meghan)

Discover new place as children grow older and move on

Found this community and when new people return(concern about visitors not returning)

Invitation to friends is positive