Evolving UU Congregations

A congregation, as a living system, exists in a changing environment and must continue to evolve in order to thrive and even survive. Rev. Sarah Schurr will share some of the evolutionary theories about congregations and how UU groups can be most vibrant in our changing religious landscape. Rev. Sarah Schurr is our primary contact … Continued

Community Outreach with YCAP (Simplified Service)

Diane Longaker, YCAP (Yamhill Community Action Partnership), will share opportunities for community outreach and YCAP’s role in coordinating service projects. Then we will discuss in groups our own interests in helping the community and the world at large.

Water Communion Service – change of venue!

Because the Senior Center will be closed for Labor Day weekend, we will gather at the covered pavilion at neighboring Wortman Park. We hope everyone participates by collecting and bringing a little water from a source that is special to you. Hear the sermon