Rev. Tracy Springberry

The Winds of Change

Life is change, wisdom says. Over and over life insists we let go of something so something new can be born. That is difficult when it is something we loved.

Land of Expectations

Each year Christmas comes with piles of expections about how it should be. Many of us haul those expectations around until we are exhausted, depressed or disappointed. Is there another way?

What is Spiritual Growth Anyway?

So many of us yearn for spiritual growth, but Unitarian Universalism does not offer a clear definition or path for spiritual growth. We will grapple with these issues. Hear the sermon

What Is Ministry?

What is Ministry? UUFM shares ministry with each other and their minister. We work together to build a UU congregation. What does it mean to minister to each other and to be a UU congregation. What is it we do together? Hear the sermon

Water Communion Service – change of venue!

Because the Senior Center will be closed for Labor Day weekend, we will gather at the covered pavilion at neighboring Wortman Park. We hope everyone participates by collecting and bringing a little water from a source that is special to you. Hear the sermon

The Peace of Forgiveness

The Rev. Springberry speaks about forgiveness, both the peace it offers and how challenging it can be. Hear the sermon

Practicing Mindfulness

Spiritual teachers have been teaching mindfulness for thousands of years. Scientist have discovered that mindfulness is so good for you that put mindfulness in a bottle and package it and advertised it, no one would believe it. We will explore mindfulness this morning.