The Domination System or Liberation?

In biblical days, Jesus’ philosophy and teachings challenged the domination system of the time and encouraged its overthrow. Liberals of all religious faiths have continued in the struggle to confront and change a system that promotes Power for some while suppressing/oppressing the rights of others. Liberal religion is an antidote in these troubling political times. There is work to be done and a faith to sustain it.

Rev. Kate Rohde served churches from 1980 until 2014 in Georgia, British Columbia, Florida, California, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania. She served for 17 years in West Chester, Pennsylvania where she is minister emerita. Her interests include Latin America, Black History, theater, and politics; she teaches ESL as a volunteer. Rev. Rohde grew up in Corvallis, went to Reed College, and is happy to be back in Oregon where she and her husband have lived since her retirement.

After the service, Rev. Rohde has volunteered to informally share her experience of being part of a Fellowship that grew from 60 to 120 members over the course of 17 years. She will answer questions and talk about the development of a guiding mission and the ups and downs of the growth and change process. You are invited to grab a cup of coffee after the service and join in the conversation.

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