Worship Committee

The Worship Committee organizes the order of service, including lining up facilitators, greeters, and speakers and providing the various readings for the service.

Mission: The Worship Committee works closely with the schedulers and the celebrants to create the space-both Spiritually and Physically in which the Sunday service occurs. The intention is for our worship to build beloved community, nourish our hearts and minds, and inspire us to discern deeper meaning and purpose for our lives.


  • Madeline Bishop, Chair
  • Joanne Douglas, Music Director
  • PatriciaFaye Marshall, Lead Celebrant
  • Nakota Ashstarte
  • Kris Gabrielsen
  • Heidi Hoskins
  • Greg Valentine


Coffee Team: Susan Marrant, Coordinator
Volunteers: Nancy Braun, Susie Goodwin, Suzanne Teller, Mary Whitenack, Beth Dell, Jeannie Kleinschmit, Dominique Bjorlin,  Vicky Wilbanks

Coffee cups: Lewis Brown



For more information, contact admin@macuuf.org